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St. Paul's is located about 8 kilometres away from the historic and prosperous city of Gorakhpur and is situated between the State Agricultural College and the BRD Medical College both of which are huge institutions of the State Government. The School is also in proximity with the Fertilizer Corporation of India.
The students studying here are able to take advantage of all cultural, sporting and commercial facilities of a busy cosmopolitan city whilst living in the safety and security of St. Paul's well contained campus. The campus is nestled in approximately 14 acres of greenery with the School buildings, administrative block and employees' accommodations on the campus. However, as school buildings are; all on aligned departments and faculties are easily accessible and monitored.

The campus being one of the greener parts of the city is serene and beautiful. The school buildings done up in pure white against the contrast of the greenery around it further adds to its magnificence.
St. Paul's today has approximately 1700 students on roll with a teaching staff of 60 plus. The school has a fleet of 16 luxury buses and two mini buses. For the purpose of seminars, workshops and conferences, the school has an air-conditioned audiovisual aided conference room with a capacity of 200 and a large auditorium accommodating around 700. It also has 60 plus computers in the campus equipped with Internet and Multimedia facilities.

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