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Dear Aluminus,

As St. Paul's School is now entered its 29th year and has celebrated the academic session 2003-2004 as the "Silver Jublee Year".

An attempt is being made to form an effective "Alumni". The Alumni has always proved to be strong support for its alma mater.An Alumnus is a pleasant trip down memory lane, which provide an excellent opportunity for interaction and to know the whereabouts of fellow St. Paulities. Alumni Achievements are a motivation for the present students, thus enriching, the alma Mater's traditions also.

Keeping in view the above thoughts it has been decided to form an Alumni Association of St. Paul's. To enroll your self and to facilitate the publishing of the Alumni Magazine - "Aluminus" kindly download the form and dispatch it after filling in the required formalities.

Alumni Form in (.pdf format File Size 23.5KB)----------------- Download

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