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1. Applications for admission should be made to the Principal on a prescribed form available at the office and the admission form should be returned along with the registration fee of Rs.500/- (non-refundable) in the month of February.

2. It may be noted that registration does not guarantee admission.

3. There will be no written test for the Nursery , Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten classes. Children can be brought on any working day for a direct interview and admission.

4. A pre-admission test is compulsory for Classes One (1) and above.

5. In the case of admission into Class Lower KG, a birth certificate is required as proof of the age of the child.

6. If a child is granted admission, a Transfer Certificate must be submitted to the School before the child joins. According to the Government Education Code, a transfer certificate from the former school attended is a necessity. Students who transfer from schools outside Uttar Pradesh must have their Transfer Certificate countersigned by the INSPECTOR OF SCHOOLS OF THE DISTRICT concerned.

7. Parents/Guardians are asked to certify the date of birth of their wards at the time of admission. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE IN THE RECORD OF THE DATE OF BIRTH AFTER THE ADMISSION.

8. Students must submit a medical certificate showing that they have been vaccinated against small pox and typhoid fever, and are medically fit to take part in games and sports organized in the School.

9. The school reserves the right of refusing admission/re-admission to any student without assigning any reason.


1. Parents/Guardians are requested to show an interest in their children's daily home work and to see that lessons are adequately prepared each day.
2. Parents are not permitted to interrupt classes in order to see the teachers during school hours. Appointments must be made through the Principal's Office.
3. Parents are requested to show an active interest in all school activities and projects.
4. Parents should inform the School office immediately should there be any change of address, in writing.
5. Students are expected to come to School on time. Daily latecomers will not be allowed in class without a proper explanation for tardiness.
6. The school fees and other charges are liable to be revised at any time.

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